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Thread: Marshall McFadden drawing James Harrison comparisons

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    Marshall McFadden drawing James Harrison comparisons

    Steelers Marshall McFadden drawing James Harrison comparisons

    By SteelCityRoller on Jul 29 2013

    While most fans have been hoping for veteran Jason Worilds or rookie Jarvis Jones to invoke memories of recently departed James Harrison, Bob Labriola instead finds such inspiration elsewhere.

    While the comparison may appear a bit of a stretch considering the men involved played two different positions on the field, Steelers Digest editor Bob Labriola sees similarities between a former defensive player of the year and a 2012 practice squad player.

    Marshall McFadden is somebody to watch. Looks like James Harrison, hits like Harrison, nasty like Harrison.

    Bob Labriola (@BobLabriola) July 29, 2013

    McFadden finds himself competing against Stevenson Sylvester and rookie Vince Williams for the right to backup starters Lawrence Timmons and Larry Foote at inside linebacker this season. McFadden failed to pass the veteran Sylvester last season, winding up on the practice squad; but as head coach Mike Tomlin often reminds us all, 'last year was last year'.

    McFadden took advantage of the technicality which made him eligible to re-attend the rookie orientation weekend this off-season. Unlike the true rookies who surrounded him, he had the benefit of his previous year's experience to shed extra light on the information being presented, using the weekend as a refresher course in preparation for the upcoming season.

    Apparently, McFadden's refresher course has allowed him to compete this year without having to over-think his responsibilities in the defense and special teams, something he hoped the re-orientation would allow him to do. He began showing flashes even during OTAs, leaving many to speculate about his performance being a primary reason for the team's shifting of Sylvester to outside linebacker for practice reps.

    Although it has yet to be seen whether the team will view him as a 'Mack' or 'Buck' linebacker, if his knowledge of the defense can match the ferocity of his performance thus far, McFadden could wind up a key member of the final 53-man roster.


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    Hits like Harrison and nasty like Harrison, you have to love that in an OLB. Now, if he can play like Harrison then the Steelers have something, I'll be rooting for him, just because he's mean and nasty. The defense needs someone to give them attitude when they're on the field.

    It seems there's always been one, Lambert, Lloyd, Gildon, Porter, Harrison, who next? These guys were just downright cranky on game day.

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    The referee said that you hit Brian Sipe too hard. Did you hit him too hard?
    I hit him as hard as I could - Jack Lambert

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    I wouldn't mind if he brought those Harrison-like qualities to an ILB position, either...Got to start looking for Foote's replacement.

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    It is so unfair to compare this kid to James. MCFadden is running with the 3rd string. McFadden has been toasted in coverage this week at camp. Now camp is for guys to get better and who knows that may happen but Garvin who is also running with the 3rd team has had a better week. Since we are thin at ILB and Sly has not had a good camp I hope one of these two back ups steps up and grabs a place on the roster.


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