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Thread: Butler Says Woodley is "Where We Need to Have Him"

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    Quote Originally Posted by phillyesq View Post
    In other words, I'm wrong again, so I'll change the conversation!
    Sorry, you totally lost me??????????

    How is wanting to see Timmons blitz more making you wrong? Consider me lost wrt to that last post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snatch98 View Post
    People are overreacting. Timmons is a monster, Woodley seems to be back to form and we have a couple "unknowns' on the other side but one is a highly touted first round talent and the other has shown flashes. It's not like things are DRASTICALLY different just because James went to the Bengals. Hell if both Worilds and Jones can play at a high level things are even more dangerous. Let's see what we have when the real games come around before we pass any real judgement. Bouchette has never been Mr. Sunshine which I can appreciate but it's way to early to be joining chicken little.
    I agree Snatch. Everybody keeps worrying about how we are going to replace Harrison after last season, and then point to the 8-8 record as to why we are doomed after losing Harrison. That is a double sided argument. Harrison from last season was not DPOY Harrison, he was barely noticeable for 75% of the season Harrison. Replacing his 16 game contribution is not a difficult task, even for a 1st round rook/backup 2nd rounder combo. Combine that with the likelihood that Woodley 2013 should be much better than Woodley 2012 (could he be any worse?) then our OLBs should greatly improve from last year.


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