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Thread: Steelers Fans need to hit the gym as much as players....

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    Steelers Fans need to hit the gym as much as players....

    No disrespect, I'm a native and spent 24 yrs of my life in the Burgh.... but....

    5 Most Sinful Cities in America
    BY Jerry Kronenberg

    America's fourth-most-sinful city: Pittsburgh

    The sins of Pride and Sloth will definitely test your mettle if you move to the Steel City.

    Movato found that Pittsburgh places sixth among communities studied in terms of Pride, with one cosmetic surgeon practicing there for every 3,170 residents. The city also comes in ninth for Sloth, with the CDC estimating 28.4% of Pittsburghers are inactive.

    Among other sins, Pittsburgh ranks 14th for Greed, 20th for Lust, 26th for Wrath and 27th for Gluttony.

    But residents do score low on Envy, placing just 66th among the 95 cities that Movoto studied.


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    Yeah, that's definitely a very scientific study.


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