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Thread: Camp coverage?

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    I dont know. Sounds like same old crap with guys arriving out of shape. These players make too much money early in their careers so there is no incentive to kick ass.

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    Oh jeez... Who's out of shape? Surely you're not talking about Gilbert, a 320+ lb offensive tackle who passed his run test and then cramped up afterwards? In the middle of July?

    By all accounts, guys are in great shape coming into camp this year. Let's wait until there's something tangible to complain about and not make mountains out of molehills.

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    [QUOTE=steelz09;566287]Are you kidding me? That is pathetic.

    If he is just cramping that is not the worst thing. Tough for these 300lbs + guys to properly hydrate. If he plays a solid left tackle we'll forget this real quick,


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