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Thread: Grading the Steelers by position going into Camp

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    Grading the Steelers by position going into Camp

    Here's the link if you are interested in the explanations behind the grades. He doesn't seem to take too much consideration in areas where there are untested back-ups in case of injury.


    Here's the cliff notes:
    QB: A+
    RB: B+
    TE: B
    WR: B+
    OL: B+
    DL: B
    OLB: A-
    ILB: B-
    CB: B+
    S: A
    ST: B+

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    Seen awful high for an 8-8 team

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    WR is way off.

    Would have give them a b+ last year when some ad them ranked in the top 10. It's worse this year. At least going into the season

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    It is tough to grade many of the positions at this point.

    OL - 3 young, but highly drafted, players at key positions who got limited playing time last year.
    WR - Tough when everyone moves up a spot. AB from WR2 to the man. Sanders from part timer to WR2. A rook and guys who received limited PT to round out.
    RB - A rook and two enigmas as the top three, likely one does not make it out of camp.
    TE - #1 is injured and we don't know when to expect a return
    DL - At least one of two first rounders has to prove he can play like a seventh rounder (Keisel)
    LB - OLB position underperformed last year, Wood a question mark, two more on the other side
    CB - new but highly touted kid now starting alongside the proven vet
    S - aging and injury prone on one side, just aging on the other

    I do trust and believe in many of these question marks, but how can you realistically predict these grades?

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    This whole thing seems odd. We didn't look good at the end of last year - I get the injury thing - and yet we have grades that my parents would have died for me to have in high school.

    Just a new way to make predictions? wonder what Warren Sapp would have given our report card.
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    I find it funny that the worst grade belongs to the position that Lawrence Timmons plays...who was one of our best players last season.

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    How can you give our offensive line a B+?


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