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Thread: Top reasons I am excited about this season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain QB View Post
    Actually, the OP did predict them to have a Super Bowl run this year. Listening to what some people say on this board and other Steelers forums, there's this chip on the Steelers' shoulder that will magically carry them into Super Bowl contention after a let-down season last year. I'm merely trying to pull some of you back down to earth.

    There's a lot of question marks on this team right now, and I can't blame anyone for predicting the Steelers end up being 3rd in the division again. Now, some of those question marks could turn into positives and the Steelers could have a good season, plus the Ravens had a lot of turnover in the offseason, and in the past the Bengals have always crashed and burned when expectations were high. However, just to assume they'll have a better season based on a chip on their shoulder or because their the Steelers and they can't have two bad seasons in a row is indeed presumptuous.
    who the hell made it your job to "pull some of us back to earth".. ?? damn JOY KILLER.. this is a "reasons to be excited" thread. go be miserable under a rock somewhere.. thanks..
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