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Letting Ben be Ben gets you Leftwich and Batch. And how long did Ben hold the ball on the play he got injured?

I also disagree with your sentiment that Haley is the one to blame for the discord early in the season with Ben. I don't think Ben bought into the change like other professionals imo.
Most professionals don't get a new playbook rammed down their throat like Ben did. Letting Ben be Ben is better than dink-and-dunk. Trying to change him isn't going to work, no matter how badly Art wants it.

BA got a lot of crap for letting Ben do his thing. But I think he got it that it just has to be that way to be successful. Everything I've heard this year points to Haley starting to get it too.
A lot of fans who complained about the Arians offense did so because it didn't resemble the offense of the early 70's. I thought the Arians offense was good in between the 20's. Where it was weak was in red zones. Too many field goals when there should have been touchdowns. Had there been more TDs then I don't think Art would have been able to fire Arians.