I've been reading about the demise of the Steelers for many years every offseason. Believe it or not, I believe the Steelers are actually stronger this season for the following reasons.

1) The biggest reason I'm excited is it's the second year in Haley's system and Ben is no longer sulking. I don't care what any fan says, Haley has proven he is a successful OC, and that will continue in the Burgh. Ben having more say in the O will also produce quality dividends.

2) Le'Veon Bell-I haven't been this excited about a pick in many years. He is an instant upgrade to a stale running game. I believe he is starter by game 1 or 2, and has himself a 1300+ yard season.

3) WRs-While losing Wallace was a big deal, I suspect we won't be missing much when Wheaton gets his PT. In the long run, I believe Wheaton will have fans saying Wallace who?

4) OL-This OL is stacked with young, premium draft pick talent. At minimum if this OL stays healthy it should be a road grader for the running game. Having DD back is huge. I am concerned about Adams or Gibson being able to protect Ben's blindside.

5) Ben being healthy and on board coming off a disappointing season where he is being disrepected by nearly everyone with a keyboard or a pen. If Ben stays healthy I expect a record season.

6) Having a healthy Troy would be great but I doubt he stays healthy based on history. But, Golden excites me...not to mention Thomas. I'm eager to see they young guys get some PT.

7) Harrison was a beast in his prime, but due to health issues has some real rough patches. Jones and Worilds should be able to fill in nicely, and I suspect we see Woodley show up this season.

Heyward and McClendon could be serious upgrades on the DL. I'm really hoping Heyward shows capable of handling starter duties this season.

9) The Steelers always play better when disrespected and minimized. They eat that stuff up for breakfast, feeding off the negativity.

I have the Steelers going 11-5, with another Super Bowl run in the future this season.