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    Coach Tomlin's Social Side

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    Yinz need to mind yinz own business n'at! Can't a man grab a couple a sixers of cole arn city? Bunch of nebby jag offs....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghost View Post
    Yinz need to mind yinz own business n'at! Can't a man grab a couple a sixers of cole arn city? Bunch of nebby jag offs....
    I would lose my ever-loving mind if Coach Tomlin popped into a bar I was at and bought everybody a round.

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    Pittsburgh Steelers: Is Mike Tomlin in the hot seat?

    July 21, 2013 by Tyler Jeski

    Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin

    The Pittsburgh Steelers are going into their seventh year under head coach Mike Tomlin. Tomlin and the Steelers finished last season 8-8 and are heading into this season with many questions. One of the biggest questions swirling is in regards to the Steelersí head coach and his job security.

    The 41-year-old Tomlin has led the Steelers to two Super Bowls, winning one and losing the second, and has led the Steelers to the playoffs every season except two, including this past season.

    I would say right now Tomlin is not on the hot seat, but that could easily change.

    In Pittsburgh, the Steelers are always expected to win and when they donít itís obvious. The Steelers were very disappointing last season after starting 6-3 and then collapsing to lose five of their last seven games including a three-game losing streak that crushed their hopes of making the playoffs. And after each loss we heard Tomlin give almost the same speech every time, ďWe know what we did wrong and itís up to us to fix it.Ē Unfortunately the Steelers were unable to fix their problems: the defense could not create turnovers, the offense could not score points, and it seemed like the team was crashing and burning.

    This season could be the deciding year for Tomlin; if he is able to sturdy the rocking ship and guide the Steelers back to success then there should be no problems in Pittsburgh. But if the Steelers have another season like last year where the running game was nonexistent and the quarterback and offensive coordinator have to be separated on the sideline then there is a strong possibility for change in Pittsburgh.

    The key for a successful Steeler season is simple; they need to play Steeler football. They need to run the ball successfully which will take pressure off of their star quarterback. And they need to get after the quarterback and force takeaways on defense. If that happens then it should be a good year in Pittsburgh and for Mike Tomlin.

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    That article from:

    About Tyler Jeski
    I am a broadcast major at Point Park University from Pittsburgh, PA.

    Narcissistic injury is the term used for any threat to a narcissist's outsized ego or self-esteem.

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    That is a great pic!

    Quote Originally Posted by hawaiiansteel View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by jj28west View Post
    That is a great pic!
    Nice one, but I prefer the one in my avatar with Ike and Mr. Rooney with crossed arms (it helps that it's not readily apparent that his pants are 3 inches from his armpits...the other Ambassadors in Ireland must have thought this was some crazy new American fashion trend).

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