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    William Gay...

    ...can he HELP set the tone for the defense in 2013?

    There are a lot of questions with the defense(let alone the offense) in 2013. Who handles Harrison's responsibilities? who is THE NT on the line? Is Taylor and Allen all we need at CB? Can Golden and Thomas handle their own responsibilities.

    I feel that Gay can come in and gather this defense by holding down the nickle responsibilities. By being a leader in this defense.

    Gay hasn't been mentioned much during the off-season this year. There has been a lot of talk about the resurgence of Troy. And the addition of Jarvis. And the emergence of McClendon. And the tandem of Taylor and Allen.

    But I say to you all that Gays' presence will be huge, not only on third downs, but in the locker room as well.

    He has the perfecy position to come in a be a leader on defense. Troy is not a leader vocally. But everyone knows he gives 100%. The LB's have a lot of talent but not a lot of leaders. The defense has Keisel, but he is the strong, silent type.

    It will be Gay who comes through as a leader for this defense on and off the field. Why else would the organization bring him back. They demand more from him than ever, and if he doesn't know this, then we are in big trouble.
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