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Thread: WR Justin Brown in the mix for punt return duties

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Agree 100%. Brown is not a return guy who anyone is going to worry about. However, Dunn is one that they will have to prepare for. Brown needs to be on the PS for this year. Highly unlikely there is any risk of anyone picking him up. He is destined to be a career #3 or #4 receiver. Dunn could be an elite returner and we will start to find out in just 7 days.
    I know it's I don't want to hear it about making judgments too early. But, Dunn has Hester like qualities...and that is worth a roster spot. I hope he makes it impossible for the Steelers to put him on the PS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JUST-PLAIN-NASTY View Post
    You guys read too much into 40 times. His splits and cone times were solid. His 10 yard split was as good as Pattersons. He has game speed and we will have to see if it is enough. Brown's mark on the game won't be running away from people but there aren't many in the NFL that could stake that claim. He has his niche as a WR.

    Your speed guys can be kick returners. Kick & punt are two different animals. Catching an uncontested ball in the air with 15-20 yards before contact isn't exactly a mastered trade. Your punt returners don't succeed solely based on speed and to be honest don't succeed if that is all they have. Good punt returners have hands, vision, toughness, change or direction...speed. That order.

    I don't know who will come out on top in all of this but Dunn has a bigger uphill battle at making it as a punt returner than Brown at this level imo. Not saying it can't happen. I like Dunn better as a kick returner though. We will let it be settled on the field
    Brown seems a little tall for a PR. I agree the underwear 40 isn't a big deal, but at 6'3", that's a big body to squeeze through some tight spaces. I think a smaller guy with a lower center of gravity and balance might be tougher to take down. I'm thinking of a Wes Welker type of returner that's small and runs so low to the ground, it's hard to get a shot on him.

    I'm more interested in Brown in the offense.

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    Steelers vs Redskins: rookie Justin Brown passes David Gilreath on WR depth chart

    By SteelCityRoller on Aug 14 2013

    David Gilreath muffed a punt return in the Steelers first preseason which not only gave the Giants the ball back, it also cost Gilreath his spot on the depth chart.

    Still think preseason games are meaningless?

    Among the changes on the depth chart of the Pittsburgh Steelers between their first preseason game against the New York Giants and their second on Monday night against the Washington Redskins, is the swapping of seedings for wide receivers David Gilreath and Justin Brown.

    Gilreath was sitting third on one side of the offense last week, then he muffed a punt against the Giants which gave them the ball deep in Steelers territory. Gilreath was relying on his special teams contributions to give him an advantage over the rest of his competition for the last WR spot on the Steelers depth chart. Muffing punts negates such an advantage.

    While Gilreath's punt remains prevalent in the minds of the coaching staff, so do the catches rookie Justin Brown made against the Giants in the same game. Brown put his 'soft' hands on display, quickly retaking his place as Landry Jones's favorite target from their collegiate days at Oklahoma. With big man Plaxico Burress now on IR and officially out for the rest of the season, Brown is looking to take his role in the offense. Making clutch catches is how opportunities are seized.

    Both men will have three more preseason games to change the team's opinion on them, but every snap counts on film. Brown has special teams experience himself, and may eventually get a chance to use it against Gilreath to push him off the bubble completely.


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    Wondering why La'Rod would not be returning punts. He looks like he has the right stuff for it. Gilreath over Brown on the roster would not make sense to me, even if he returns punts. He is another smallish receiver, and Brown has size (and good hands).

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    I'd rather have Brown make the roster over Dunn. Brown can make it as a legit WR and he has good size. Dunn will be nothing but a PR/KR specialist and I need to see much more out of him. There is a major man-crush on Dunn around here... comparing him to Devin Hester?! That is some serious Homerism right there.

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    5th WR doesn't typically see the field all that much and we have seen those players on the bottom of the depth chart must have value on ST. Dunn on the other hand could have value as a good returner but I hope its for punts because kick returns have been sharply curtailed in the new NFL. If he cant do punts, im afraid his potential impact will be limited.
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    Problem is, Dunn is not a Punt returner. Didn't return a single one last year. And he has zero WR skills as well. Brown has to be the guy.

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    If that is the case, then yeah Dunn is probably out. But does that automatically mean Brown makes the roster? Without much ST ability, I would normally say send the rook to the practice squad. But he does have some size, if he can do a little blocking, he might help make up for the lack of TEs until some of those guys heal up.
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    Does a team really need a KO returner anymore? Most kicks are in the end zone now anyways due to the new, stupid, rules.

    Dunn better be able to return punts.

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    Itīs only a game, but what I saw from J. Brown he seem a good receiver. He will be 5th WR on the roster this season.

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