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Can you show me a QB who has done more than Ben with less? Who else has won two and made it to one more? Take a look at the rest of the football team that Ben has had throughout the course of his career, correct me if I'm wrong:

Defense - one of the best in the league
O line - Good early on in his career, but awful for the most part
Running game - Also pretty good early, but poor since Parker deteriorated
Receivers/TE - Ward was good up until a couple of years ago, a good year and a half from Wallace, Brown has been decent, Miller solid throughout, and some brief but good play from Holmes, but otherwise a sub par group as a whole

Now I can name you several QBs who are considered top players who have done less with more:

Rivers - Had a pretty good D and OL throughout, but also had superior RBs beginning with one of the best, and WRs/TE play including VJax and Gates. On top of all of that, he has played in one of the least competitive divisions in the league for the most part, so his path to success was very easy.

Romo - Has had a revolving door of good receivers through the years. He has had a good TE. He has generally had a good D and OL. Some solid RBshave gone through there as well, and if he can stay healthy, Murray may be the best of them.

Ryan - Maybe the best two WR/ 1 TE combo in the league today. Everything about what they been putting together over the past few years has the Steelers beat except for the D that Pittsburgh has fielded for the most part.

The only three QBs who I would say have overachieved despite less than stellar talent around them are Brady, Eli, and Ben.
i wouldnt even put eli in there.

going into their 2nd years (and without a 1st round pick cause they traded it to move up to get eli) they signed Ben's big target in plax. signed an OT to protect him and their backs and receivers have been much better over the years