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Thread: Pittsburgh Steelers: Landry Jones Future Franchise Quarterback

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Dizz, Landry was drafted because they saw your posts about always taking Black backup QBs.
    Now a brotha cant get a QB gig here.
    I cheered when I heard we drafted him.

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    I would have prefered Steelers drafting Tyler Bray in 7th Rd over Landry Jones in 4th.

    And no i am not a fan of Tyler Bray.
    Steelers Draft 2015
    Rd 1: Devante Parker - WR/ Kevin Johnson - CB
    Rd 2: Danielle Hunter -OLB
    Rd 3: Steven Nelson - CB
    Rd 4: Derron Smith - S
    Rd 5: Henry Anderson - DE
    Rd 6: Wes Saxton - TE
    Rd 7: Deon Simon - DT

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    I think this pick was more about Bens development. He is now a mentor to a young guy with potential and no immediate threat. Apparently their wives used to be close and He is also a New Mexico kid, I like the pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Spaghetti View Post
    the bottom line is this roster had much bigger needs than a 3rd string backup to the backup QB who might be used as trade bait someday

    sorry, but that position is laughable

    OL, FS, MLB, CB, any of these positions would have made much more sense. You can find some bum on the waiver wire that can do the job landry jones can. I guess ben needs a buddy in the QB room.

    hated the pick then, hate the pick now
    I agree. Like Bradshaw and Ruthless have stated, I also would have absolutely jumped on the safety Philip Thomas. Heck I liked Thomas in the 2nd, though I'm lovin LeVeon Bell. I would have taken a flier on the Vandy QB in the 7th.


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