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I don't think Trayvon had lean in his system.. just a small amount of THC.
His behavior as shown in the c-store videos from the night in question seem to show the influence of something more than "just a small amount of THC." If you didn't know it, lean has a similar effect as PCP (angel dust) on a lot of people. And even if TM hadn't used lean that night, long-term use of the concoction appears to result in paranoia and violent behavior.

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"I'm going to kill you" ....if everyone shot someone over those words before or during a fight when nothing but fist were involved we would run out of bullets in a week.

I've heard people say "I'm going to kill you" before a fight or during fights at least 100 times.. not one time did I see anyone kill another person with their bare hands.

I don't trust anyone... but I also don't believe most people when they say they are going to kill someone during a heated argument. Now, if a weapon is in hand then I certainly will believe them but people say all sorts of crazy things during heated exchanges.
Again, if someone I didn't know jumped me and punched me in the face and took me down and was beating my head on the concrete, I'd be inclined to believe he really did mean to kill me. If you, in that situation, would believe otherwise, well, you ARE trusting the other guy a lot more than I would.

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Also remember.. this was a grown man, a stranger who never said he was neighborhood watch, following a 17 year old through the neighborhood. I would have said some crazy things as well because I'm thinking some creepy dude is following me.
OK, but it's the combination of things. If TM merely said some crazy things, that would be one thing.
But jumping GZ and putting a beating on him as well? Highly stupid. As I said before, he never considered that GZ might have a gun.

And yes, GZ was highly stupid for following TM rather than just letting the police take care of it. As I said before, I don't think he ever considered that TM might jump him.