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The home protection aspect, and also hunting, are more what the gun laws are about. Our country was founded on principles where government was meant to be small and work for you. It wasn't created so you can have guns to protect your family and provide food from hunting. Lots of people eat only wild game and fish and grow their own vegetables.
It's been a long time since I've studied American history, but from what I remember, the founding father were the ones that owned all the land and had all the vested interests in America. And my take on the Constitution was that it was written to protect their vested interests in American society. And when it comes to the 2nd amendment, it was all about protecting these interests from the British loyalists.

Somehow, we've collectively romanticized the Constitution into a sort of religion and have tried to morph those interests into our own vested interests. And I think that comes from our own pride and need to feel important. The Constitution protects the property rights of the rich to this day. It's great to feel like it was designed for the well being and protection of all of us. And to a degree, it's worked in that way and has kept a somewhat civil society. But the second amendment almost seems silly to a degree today. Where is this invisible militia taking on the Federal and State governments to keep them in check? If you look at the bills that are passed on a daily basis, they all have loads of crap that the majority of Americans don't need/want. And the things society does want don't always matter to the legislators. The Constitution is now just a slick way to enslave the average American to the wealthy.

And life is generally good for most, so why rock the boat?