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    Accidental link paste. A google search on that incident had many results and thought that was from Huffington Post. I have experienced racism as I have dated multiple black women and have had to deal with groups of black men that didn't like that on multiple occasions...pretty much any time we went out to a club truth be told. I am not racist at all, just feel in the instance of the TM/ GZ incident the media attempted to sensationalize this as a racial incident when it wasn't.

    There was a bunch of lies the media spread as well. Like most people think the police told GZ not to follow TM. Not true...a dispatcher who has no authority at all said 'you don't have to do that' when GZ said he was following him.

    GZ female neighbor was home with her child when several young black males broke in and took 600 dollars and a camera.

    A construction crew in GZ neighborhood witnessed a younger black male reach in through an open window and steal a laptop.

    it is not illegal to carry a personal firearm or to drive your car in a public right of way even if someone perceives that as being followed.

    Martin could of called 911, or his dad whose house was hundreds of feet away if he felt so scared.

    this is my last post on this. People are going to have differing opinions, and i respect yours.
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