Browns to add weiner dog races this season

Posted by Darin Gantt on July 9, 2013, 11:31 AM EDT
For years, the Browns have celebrated the Dawg Pound persona.

This year, they will officially go to the dogs.

As part of efforts to help modernize and personalize the fan experience, the Browns are rolling out a number of new initiatives, including bringing actual canines onto the field.

According to Will Burge of,
[URL=""]there will be actual weiner dog races[/URL] at Browns games this year.

The idea is apparently the brainchild of Kevin Griffin, the teamís new vice president of fan experience and marketing (and the nephew of Ohio State legend Archie Griffin). Griffin worked with the Seahawks and the Seattle Sounders, and apparently the dachsund dashes were a hit there.

Thatís just one of the events they have in store, as they hope to modernize player introductions, and have other events to engage fans.

But weiner dogs, gang. If they can find a way to get
[URL=""]Barkevious Mingo[/URL] involved in this promotion, somebody needs to get a raise.