Hey. Im all for drafting D WHEN NEEDED or at a critical position. Fact is the defense was in the top 5 for many years when we drafted hood and heyward # 1.
they didnt start for 2 (plus) years. Doesn't that show you there that they weren't really needed?? How is that maximizing ur top picks/cAp space?
In addition to that, they were at positions where our recent history shows we find the guys to play in our system in lower rounds. Do they really need top end talent you find in the first round to 'hold up blockers and take space up" ?

Here's another question for ya flip. Might even give a hint on why our scoring offense is average.

How many teams in the league Are going into the season without top 2 round talent in the skill positions (WR/RB)
With our 2nd rounder in bell. It at least gives us 1 guy there. I'm guessing that ranks on the lower end of the league.... Just like our scoring

Another quick question. How many other teams have let their #1 type receiver leave for nothing in free Agency or trade them for peanuts? We've done that 3 times in 8 years with plax, Holmes and now Wallace