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John, I tried to send an email invite to the yahoo account you had last year and it comes back undeliverable, so yes it appears the account has been deactivated. Create a new one and PM me your new email address and I'll re-send the invite. You're the last one remaining to join and the league will be set. We have two new managers this year, Shawn and NorCalSteel.

Also, I made some scoring adjustments this year to include some bonuses for passing and rushing yards and things like this. Also, we'll be going with TEAM defenses this season instead of individual players. Any of the settings are changeable if the majority of folks want to to change them (you can review the settings on the league page). Also, the LIVE DRAFT is set for Saturday, AUG 24th, @ 9:00 pm EST. This also can be changed, but I'd like to have feedback early as the available slots will start to fill up. Thanks everyone.


Our leagues are starting to develop individual personalities now. I like it. It's exciting.