Brought my son to Ben's youth football camp last week. Was a great time for both of us. Ben was hobbling around (a bit) on his bandaged knee. Most of the time he was riding a bike. But he did throw a pass to every single camper - 508 kids total! We also met Ben's dad, Ken. Didn't meet but saw Ben's mom, his wife and Ben Jr.'s feet hanging out of his stroller. Coach Tomlin was there on Day 2. He gave a speech to the campers. Was very cool. Ben and Coach were really awesome with the kids, as well as with the parents. Made me even prouder to be a Steeler fan.

Wasn't sure what to expect as far as actual football training. I was pleasantly surprised. Over 50 coaches were there and Armpit Jr. picked up a ton of football knowledge. I highly recommend it for any of you with young children interested in football.

Camp was Monday and Tuesday. We started the weekend (Father's Day) by going to the Pirates vs Dodgers game. Rain delay, but after that it was awesome. All in all, it was a great time. Best was spending it with my son. Definitely the coolest guy I know!