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    It's about friggin time....

    ...that what I have been yelling, at my computer, has finally been heard!!!

    It only took 5, freaking, long-@$$ years for it to get through to sombody...LOL!!

    I recently listened to an interview with Jack Bicknell Jr., (O-Line Coach) regarding
    the NEW Steelers running game.

    The first thing I heard this guy say is that they are going to be MULTIPLE in the
    run-game. This is MUSIC to my ears!!! Did I hear this correctly??? We are going
    to have MULTIPLE run plays in the freaking playbook???

    That they are going to give the defense something to study for...something to
    worry about stopping, as opposed to what Arianus (and Haley for 1 yr) designed.

    "Stretching the front side, cut-backs, and traps, is just a sampling of what's in the playbook"...

    What a freaking revelation!!!!! I have been waiting for this my whole life!!!

    I'm going to ass-u-me, and understand this to mean that we are NOT going to just
    RUTFM anymore!!! That the old days of trying to stuff the run in the "A" gap, over and
    over and over and over again, and again, and again...are OVER!!!??? That WASTING 1st
    and 2nd down is STUPID!!!

    The days of Arianus's uncreative, unimaginative, and trying to put a square peg in a
    round freaking hole are over forever!!!!

    Atleast, I freaking hope so!!!

    This guy is bringing the ZBS with him from KC, and if KC did anything good the last
    few years it was running the ball.

    The O-line has been assembled, and is ready, but can they stay healthy??

    If Bell can be the starter...with RED and JD to bring to thump late in games, this unit
    mite just get the "Comeback" unit of the Year Award...

    Add into the mix, LaRod Stephens-Howling, as a 3rd down/change of pace...the skies
    could only be the beginning and not the limit.

    The play-action passing game mite be back in 2013...and this offense could be special!!


    And I almost forgot....Froooooothing at the mouth like a crazed dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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