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Thread: Aaron Hernandez WTF?

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Why does a guy who just signed a $40M contract have 3 rental cars out in his name? Some of this stuff just sounds bizarre.
    What seems damning is him:
    -getting rid of the surveillance video at his home, for that time period
    -physically destroying his cell phone
    -hiring a cleaning service following the weekend

    I have very little faith in our justice system, but if this guy is able to get off just even knowing those circumstantial bits... I would be amazed.

    As it relates to the Cheats*, I agree that this is big news. Gronk has had like 5 surgeries already, and this is after a college career that he was always hurt. I think we've seen the best of him (though he could still probably be a solid veteran type--Jeremy Shockey). Without the TE dimension that these two brought, losing Wes Welker... I mean, Belichick* is certainly going to have to resort to his own "genius" (get the secret taping program back in full effect) to get beyond this.
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