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Worilds will surprise everyone and lead the team in sacks this season. Jones will get some reps but LeBeau will not give him significant reps.
Not gonna happen.
Mark my words. WOODLEY will lead the team in sacks.....it wont be close.

We know what he is capable of, reports are he is in great shape. I dont care what he "says" his actions say he was embarrassed by his pathetic season and the resulting criticism.
I never thought the money made him complacent. HE almost always starts slow, indicative of a guy who plays his way into shape.

Butler publicly called him out, and he is in better shape that ever at this time of year.

If we get "playoff" Woodley from game one......dude is gonna be a sack machine.

If Worilds was "all that" we would not have offerred Harrison more than anyone in the league, would have extended Worilds for a steal, and Jones would not be a Steeler.

Those three actions do not imply that the people in the know see Worilds as a sack leader.