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One of my all time favorite drafts, if not THE most favorite!

I loved the Jones pick (wanted him at #17). Can't wait to see this kid cause some damage to his opponents! Already has become my third favorite Steeler, favorite linebacker ever (already has passed up LaMarr Woodley..a former Wolverine!!)!

Wanted Bell in the third round, but later realized that it was a safe bet to get Bell in the second (running backs went fast right after our pick). Could be the starter soon..no later by midseason. Dwyer will probably be the odd man out.

Wheaton I'm still meh about...but we did need more WRs. Hopefully Antonio Brown will still be the star WR/#1.

Still meh on Thomas...but we needed to find Polamalu's or Clark's replacement sooner or later. Thomas is a hard hitter, which I like in our safeties.

Loved the Hawthorne pick. Had him in the 6th (or was it the 4th)..either way, still wanted Hawthorne. A true ball hawk and not afraid to crack someone.

Was wanting Tyler Bray...only because I didn't think Landry Jones would have been there for us when we drafted him in the fourth. Hopefully he'll be our franchise quarterback after Roethlisberger retires in a few years. Don't want that to happen right now, though.

Justin Brown..just a filler and depth. More than likely practice squad.

Vince Williams...didn't really know much about him, but after seeing highlights..could be Foote's replacement. (I've heard and read A LOT of positive things about this kid and how this was some excellent value where we got him). Two Seminole alumni at middle linebacker? I'd take it!

Nick Williams..mostly depth. Kid seems good value at our seventh round pick..however..Te'amu, McClendon and Fangupo are ahead of him. More than likely practice squad for a few years.
Funny thing is that Thomas was my FAVORITE pick considering where we got him.
I truly do not see a great gulf between him and the first rounders at safety.

This was an extremely deep safety class. As the fastest, strongest guy at his position he might two rounds higher in a typical draft. Real value pick.