Apparently, Warren Sapp isn't finished talking about the Pittsburgh Steelers' defense.

Back in 2011, the NFL Network analyst made enemies galore in the Steel City when he slammed Pittsburgh's aging D after a Week 1 drubbing at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens.

"They're old and slow," Sapp told "The Dan Patrick Show," saying he saw "old, ornery veterans get whooped" up and down the field.

Asked Wednesday on NFL Network's "NFL Total Access" if he'd still call the Steelers' defense "old and slow," Sapp didn't hesitate.

"Old and slow? Yes, I would," Sapp said. "Because seven of the 11 starters are 28 years or older, and that's around the time, in this league, they go to questioning, you know, 'Where's his legs? Should we look for the backup?'

"And Brett Keisel, bless his soul, No. 99 in your program, No. 1 in your heart, he turns 35 the first month of the year. And three of the four secondary guys there are 32 years old or older."

Yes, the Steelers are flooded with blue hairs, but we doubt they're listening. That "old and slow" Pittsburgh defense started out ugly in 2011 but finished as the NFL's top unit. For an encore, the Steelers went out and did it again last season.

The constant here is 75-year-old defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau, who has been coaching since Richard Nixon roamed the White House and probably doesn't watch much NFL Network. LeBeau just coaches. Old players, slow players and some of the league's best.

UPDATE: Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey was asked about Sapp's comment Thursday morning on NFL Network's "NFL AM." He was not worried: "You know everybody has their own opinion," Pouncey said. "But I was just out there with the guys yesterday, they seem pretty good to me.