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Thread: If you played for the Steelers...

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    If you played for the Steelers...

    Would you go to this website to see what your fans think about you? Or the team in general?

    I say yes.

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    Judging by the fact that virtually every pro athlete has their own Twitter account, they are typically interested what others think about them (occassionally to their own detriment).

    Personally, I like what Troy Polamalu said about this topic recently: “No, I don’t read any positive or negative things,” he said. “They’re both dangerous to deal with.”

    NFL player locker room talk: Discussing what can be done about racial inequality and criminal justice reform.

    Presidential locker room talk: Discussing involuntary gynecological exams.

    According to the highest office in the country, some "very fine people" marched with torches in a violent protest in Charlottesville, but participating in a non-violent protest on a football field means you are an S.O.B. who should be fired.

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    I would not only read these websites but I would troll as a Browns fan.

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    I would tweet ridiculous photos of myself just to see you message board nuts react.

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    I'd read everything. And no matter what people said, good or bad, I would believe I was awesome because I was a Pittsburgh Steeler.

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    Skippy sighting!

    Whatever happened to ...?

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Yeah, I would.
    R1- T.J. Watt, OLB; Wisconsin
    R2- JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR; USC
    R3- Cameron Sutton, CB; Tennessee
    R3- James Conner, RB; Pittsburgh
    R4- Josh Dobbs, QB; Tennessee
    R5- Brian Allen, CB; Utah
    R6- Colin Holba, LS; Louisville
    R7- Keion Adams, OLB; Western Michigan

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    I'd hire James Harrison to screen the posts and take all proper and necessary actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jigawatts View Post
    I would tweet ridiculous photos of myself just to see you message board nuts react.

    I believe you can fly.

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    If I were a Steeler, I would probably read some occasionally but laugh at how very, very wrong most people are with their assessments.
    Cleveland spelled backwards is DNA Level C
    another AA/AS original.


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