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It's not assuming. It's common sense but then again common sense isn't so common these days. Articles like that are a waste of time because they provide zero context.. It doesn't provide any relevant information such as what stretches and/or warming up was performed, was it performed correctly, what sports/activities were performed afterwards and what was the time in between the warmups/stretches and the sport/activity performed. I would think those are some key variables that provide context.

Were the athletes olympic sprinters, wrestlers, or say, NFL players... or were the studies based on the olympic ping pong team "stretching" and warming up their wrists before a big match. lol

Injuries can happen regardless but that's not the point here. There is actually more evidence that "warming up" (increasing blood flow to muscles) before more rigorous activities is recommended than stretching in most instances (except maybe gymnastics and things like that).
You hit on a lot of holes in the way study results are presented. It would be interesting to see the number of hamstring/muscle pull and tendon injuries that happen in the offseason compared to those occurred in season. The stress on those particular areas "going in cold" while they are getting back into the swing of things seems far greater than it would after they're deep into the season IMO. I've worked for some big money companies in the past in the construction industry and they are even starting to implement a stretching regimen to begin the day. BP, Conoco Philips, Haliburton they research these things way more in depth than I do. Seems like the evidence is there to me.