Opening Comment: We did good work today in less than ideal weather conditions. Oftentimes in the fall and winter when we are working in our stadium, it is in less than ideal weather conditions. It was a good simulation day for us. We did a little red-zone work. I liked the energy and enthusiasm with the group. But all in all, it was just a good work day. We will push forward into next week with our next opportunity to take the grass and get better.

Any update on Ben Roethlisberger?
No. I released a statement post-surgery yesterday. There’s nothing new to add. He’s resting comfortably at home. We will get him in the building next week and proceed.

Re: Chemistry of quarterbacks without Ben Roethlisberger:
It’s football in shorts. It’s June, so we won’t read too much into that. Those guys made good use of the extra snaps provided for them today. That’s what this is about. This is a teach camp. It’s an opportunity for those guys to get more reps, and they did a nice job taking advantage of it.

Do you feel there is a gap in the team with Ben being gone?
Again, it’s June. So we aren’t overly concerned with that to be honest with you. We are undefeated like everybody else in the NFL.