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Thread: Chuck Noll: No. 5 all time on ESPN list

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    My point was to contradict the notion that Walsh wasn't worthy of those mentioned.
    Yea, I realize that, and my point is that the process is subjective and there's no reason to get worked up over the fact that this coach or that coach is ranked ahead of Chuck Noll by pundits, GMs or ESPN.

    Bill Walsh belongs in the discussion with the others, anyone trying to discredit Bill Walsh as an all time great simply wasn't paying attention to the league and the way it changed. On the other hand, trying to discredit Chuck Noll as an all time great is just as crazy. Everyone has their bias about one coach or the other, if I were starting a team, I'd hire any one of the coaches mentioned and never look back and my team would probably be very successful.


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    1.28 Edmunds, Terrell, S, VA Tech (Jackson, Lamar QB, Louisville)
    2.60 Washington, James, WR, OSU (Evans, Rashaan, ILB, Alabama)
    3.76 Rudolph, Mason, QB, OSU
    3.92 Okorafor, Chukwuma, OT, W.Mich (Blanding, Quin, FS, Virginia)
    5.148 Allen, Marcus, S, PSU
    5.165 Samuels, Jaylen, RB, NC State
    7.246 Frazier, Joshua, DT, Alabama

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCrazy View Post
    He also drafted the 9 HOF'ers which solidifies my point. You make it sound as if it were unfair. Those players came about because of Noll.
    Noll gets props for his role in the choices. I am not saying he does not belong. Just the idea that Walsh is above him on this list is some kind of travesty is silly.
    An edge that the Steelers had was being better at scouting historically black colleges, better than others at the time. Many early picks were from the big schools but we got value throughout getting unheard of guys who were missed by others.

    As the scouting advantage went away, no more talent edge.

    I give more credit to Walsh as a "coach" more than a personell guy.

    And if we want to talk personell there was a period when the two competed head to head.

    Walshs ENTIRE CAREER Noll was still coaching, even AFTER Walsh retired Noll was coach. Who did a better job drafting during that time?

    If coach gets credit for personel decisions clearly Walsh bested Noll handily.

    79 Walsh drafts Joe Montana A BUGH GUY, after we drafted the amazing Greg Hawthorne and Zach Valentine.

    No worries our QB woes would be solved by picking Mark Malone (who now plays the police chief on Blue Bloods ) the next year.

    And yes, this would be the first of TWO hometown QBs he would miss.....Dan Marino drafted a couple years later by the fins despite Steeler fans EVERYWHERE screaming for Marino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    Chuck Noll is most definitely a top 5 head coach...

    Better than Walsh? That's rough...

    Equal to Walsh? Perhaps...

    Walsh had his fair share of great players as well... Montana, Jerry Rice, Ronnie Lott...he traded for Steve Young and helped to mold him into a HoF player...not to mention Charles Haley, who probably should be in the HoF...
    Yes, and save for Ronnie Lott, Noll could have drafted any one of those guys Walsh got.


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