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Thread: Chuck Noll: No. 5 all time on ESPN list

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    Woulda, shoulda, coulda means very little. Actual numbers and stats is what Im looking at. Noll actually has 4 rings. 4 Rings in 6 years is unheard of and may very well never be done by one coach again..........I give Walsh his due, and while he may be in the conversation, show me one hardcore fact that puts him ahead of the other three.
    4 rings in 6 years impressive true. But it won't happen again because nobody will have 9 hofers together for a decade.

    But really we are talking 4 rings in 22 years aren't we? Walsh's 3 in 10 looks good now doesn't it?

    The fact that those rings are so close show that talent of one set of players were key to Noll success. That is player over coaching.

    He had 5 hofers in the early 70s and that wasn't enough talent. He had 8 after Greene retired and could not do it.

    He had 17 years of coaching when he didn't have all of 9 of his hof players. Not one ring without all 9.

    Noll was still Steeler coach during Walsh ENTIRE CAREER, who had success?

    If Noll was better maybe he would have one of the rings Walsh had? Instead Nolls inability to win without ridiculous talent during the 80s got him fired.

    Walsh did what he did while using many different players. When your success depends on a certain group of players you gotta say it's more about the talent.

    Walsh's system was so great that it CONTINUED to have success after he retired.
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