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Thread: Why Was Ben Having a Pro Bowl Caliber Season Last Year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerOfDeVille View Post
    -1, on this Ovi, not +1...
    2. It's amusing to me that you say i'm not addressing the question.
    SOD look at the title of the thread. "Why was Ben having a Pro Bowl Season" The initial post was talking about Ben's great "start".

    You are not addressing THAT question, as you disagree with the premise.

    Basically, you're saying, "Sod's using selective stats... don't look at those... look at the ones *i* select"
    No I am saying you are not selective at all, when selectivity is required to address this question.
    To make your case YOU include stats which factor in the play of the running game, backup QBs, and how Ben "finished" the season.
    The inclusion of those numbers skew the figures "down" as compared to looking at Ben's Great start.

    "I" did "select" stats. Those that address the initial post. I did not choose the topic Flippy did.

    In order to address the topic, one must limit the scope specifically how BEN PLAYED pre injury.

    In your attempt to obscure the degree of Ben's improvement, YOU broaden the scope of your statistics beyond those that measure "BEN ALONE" pre-injury.
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