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If by "Both" you mean me a Shawn....yes, we are both right.

Flippy your question was "why" was Ben having a great season.
SOD is not addressing that question, he is making a case that we are overselling how well Ben was playing.

Flippy look at the chart he posted. One season to the next, we arent goig back a decade.
I am not talking about how MUCH yards he threw for. That is meaningless.
A 32 TD to 8 int pace- That matters.

I want EFFECTIVE passing.
As I demonstated at length, the shorter passing LED to Ben's amzing 3rd down efficiency.
Even missing three games Ben STILL threw is most TDs since 07.
You think that is due to attempt?
Due to his missing games his pass attempt went DOWN and he STILL threw 26 TDs up from 21 in 2011.
Ben has bested the 26 TD passes last year only ONCE ever. Ben has had more attempts than this year many times.

The league is changing? Well passing records were broken by Brady and Brees in 2011 not in 2012.
Yet Ben got better BY FAR in 2013 especially before the injury.
-1, on this Ovi, not +1...

You've managed to prove my point, without even trying.
1. That passing records have been brokein in the last 2-3 years, means comparing Ben's 2004 self with Ben's 2012 self isn't an accurate comparison - you've proven that times are a'changing
2. It's amusing to me that you say i'm not addressing the question. Basically, you're saying, "Sod's using selective stats... don't look at those... look at the ones *i* select"

Fact is, some of his stats were better. Some were not.

AGAIN... the chains WERE NOT moving as well. The team had significantly fewer 1st downs... somebody explain that to me... why wouldn't a lot of dink and dunks result in a bunch of first downs?