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Thread: Why Was Ben Having a Pro Bowl Caliber Season Last Year?

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    First of all... Ben wasn't having a pro bowl caliber season... he was having one of HIS better seasons... but, he wouldn't have beat out Manning, Brady or any of the other bozos that made it. His numbers weren't THAT good -- the league was up as a whole when it comes to passing and I woudl guess he was sitting at about 5th or so in the AFC...

    I find it amusing how we drift between "compare him to only past versions of HIMSELF" but, "the only variable you're allowed to change is the OC when we say so"... and we don't care that the league as a whole had improved passing numbers... that's not a variable at all... at least not this year.So, first, let me rephrase the question...

    Q: "Why was Ben having arguably HIS best season?"
    A: "There are a number of factors, including, but, not limited to: a new OC, a struggling running game that forced the team to pass more, and some early season games where the team was forced to pass due to situation (like 384, 4TDs in a loss to the raiders and 363 in a loss to the Titans). If fantasy football has taught us all one thing... it's good for your QB to trail late in a game... it's good for your RB to be ahead. One team is airing it out, the other is milking the clock. Starting a season with 3 losses in 5 games will work wonders for your stats if you're even average...

    So, my answer is: OC, struggling running game, "game situation".

    ANOTHER (related) QUESTION. In the past, we talked proudly about YPA (Yards Per Attempt) with Ben... He was always among the league leaders, regardless of OC (whiz, arians, etc).

    Did he remain among the league leaders? Those who are estute in math, realize this isn't just factor of deep passes - if I go 10-for-10 on 6 yard passes, or 1-for-10 on 60 yard passes, i have the same YPA. Ideally, you want a nice balance of high-percentage passes, mixed in with a few calculated risks.

    To me, it FELT like a much smaller YPA than usual. His completion percentage didn't seem significantly higher than the rest of his career...there were just a lot of shorter passes. People are acting like they never hit 3rd down, but, it didn't feel like that was significantly improved.. (OK, with that thought, i have to look this up and add to reply, but, i'm not rewriting - nice "flow of thought")
    Career 2012 2011
    Completion Percentage 63.1 63.3 63.2
    YPA 7.93* 7.27 8.23
    TEAM FIRST DOWNS 307 341
    * This number is slightly over 8, excluding 2012.

    I'm even blown away by the last one - I would have expected the dink and dunk to have netted more first downs. I guess it proves what i was thinking and where i was going with the YPA and completion percentage, though... The only thing that offense managed to do - was eliminate the deep ball. It didn't improve his completion percentage. It didn't net more first downs. And it obviously didn't keep him safe. Whew... I'm exhausted. But, I've totally convinced myself of what *i* saw to be exactly what happened...

    [URL][/URL] (Ben's stats)
    [URL][/URL] (Team stats)
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