Everyone gives Haley credit for the start of Ben's 2012 season performance. Is that warranted?

Could it be that Ben was having a great year because of his performance on 3rd downs when he was going off script and playing his backyard style of football? Our overall offensive production went down. Our scoring went down. Lots of struggles were happening on this offense. But 1 guy seemed to be performing when he wasn't hurt. And as usual, the big plays seemed to be a lot of Ben's own doing. Has he just become a better sandlot QB?

I'm just trying to find some real evidence that Haley helped make him better. Haley was supposed to help by re-establishing a running game, helping Ben make better decisions and take less hits and stay healthy. He was supposed to address our troubles in the RedZone. Pretty much none of the things we expected from Haley happened. But Ben looked great up until he got hurt. It's hard to believe Haley was the reason for it when he wasn't able to accomplish the other things he was supposed to accomplish with the offense.

Sometimes it's hard to see the direct impact of a coaches performance. I have no idea what the answer is here. But I think it might just be Ben's getting better at being Ben. And instead of worrying about Ben, maybe Haley should put all his focus on keeping Ben healthy.