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I've been a huge DeCastro backer (suggested trying to trade up to get him last year, so when he fell into our laps last year, I was overjoyed). I was super-high on him because I was unable to find a flaw in his game. He's got size, strength, athleticism, attitude, technique, power, tenacity, intelligence, and is a hard worker with a mean streak on the field. He seemed to be a "sure-thing" type at a position of need for us, and I think that he only fell because the league devalues a position like guard. I think the only reason that Cooper and Warmack went higher this year is because this particular draft was dreadful at the very top (no true top-notch talents at QB, RB, or WR, and a lot of boom/bust types at other positions).
I agree about this year's draft. I truly was one of the worst in year for "star power" at the top of the draft. Compare the top 5 picks to any recent draft and it is easy to see how this year was a mediocre talent draft in Round 1.