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Thread: Pens vs Bruins

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    Pens vs Bruins

    Can't wait for the next game and hope we can get this thing turned around. Games 1 and 2 have been torture to watch. After game 2 I started to feel like somehow this could be the first 7 game series to end sooner than 4 games.

    I hope Bylsma has some magic up his sleeve.

    I hope our players decide to show up.

    I'm having a really hard time getting up for game 3 which is unusual. I hope the players don't feel like I do. Gotta get this thing going somehow, someway.

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    Been a tough couple of games to start this thing but you know something... I am actually a little glad the way things played out in the Burgh.... That is of course if we respond like I think(hope) we will. Game 2 is the kinda ASS kicking I think we needed to wake up... as if the Islanders series wasn't enough though and how poorly we played against the mat times. This team has a lot of work to do tonight but it isnt like you can win a championship on paper or by jus showing up .... With that being said, here's to a good game and the first(of four) win(s) for the pens!!


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    I don't think I've EVER seen a team struggle to clear the puck out of their own zone like the Pens did in the 1st OT. After the Orpik high stick penalty the Bruins went on what looked like a 12 minute power play. It was ridiculous. Repeatedly sending soft shot after soft shot off the boards that got held in. Did the Pens send the team from Wilkes-Barre to this series. 11-2 goal differential. An embarrassing disgrace.

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    This series is just painful to watch so far. But there's still a chance and I'm keeping hope. Vokoun looked solid and I think he could win us 4 in a row with a little help. The first Bruins goal should have never happened with 3 penguins standing in front of the goal like spectators. We should have won that game 1-0.

    I don't think I remember seeing so many Penguins shots hitting the pipes as I have this series. Seems like the effort's there but things just aren't going our way. And every Bruin seems to have a 10 foot reach with their sticks that's frustrating us.

    As much as I hated the loss, last night's game had to be one of the most competitive hockey games from start to finish that I remember watching. It was great hockey, but being invested in the outcome wreaked havoc on my nerves the whole game.

    Boston's good, but they're not this good.

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    On defense, once Letang gets healthy, you'll have multiple quality offensive defensemen who can skate/pass/shoot with the best of them (Letang and Depres), multiple quality defensive defensemen who can hit/block shots/clear out the front of the next with the best of them (Orpik and Murray), and multiple quality well-rounded defensemen who can give you a little bit of both, contributing to both the power play as well as the penalty kill in addition to their even strength duties (Martin and Niskanen). We have Engelland, Eaton, and Bortuzzo has depth options as well.
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