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LOL, I woulda been surprised if it wasn't some dumb white trash dude on crack, meth, or something of the sort given that they attacked a guy the size of Adams. Now if they car jacked an old person, a female, or any average person, then I mighta had the same expectation as you.

Actually, scratch that, the media now has me brainwashed to think a terrorist or illegal immigrant most likely did it. Black dudes are the least likely to be terrorists or immigrants. Post 9/11, the average black dude is the safest person to be around. Crazy white guys are shooting up schools, bombing marathons, etc. Foreigners are flying planes into building, killing everyone in the US/Mexico border, etc.

Black dudes are just focusing on things like being president. And even the crazy ones are saving women from being kidnapped and locked in basements. Post 2000, black is the new white in mainstream America.
guess the black dude that helped whitey didn't get the memo. He'll figure it out.
on another note, white dude is definitely a meth addict. Those marks on his face are from the detox.