I've seen some 49er games usually if they were the 4 oclock game of the week when the Steelers werent playing at the same time or playoff games. I always thought Lott was good. But he never stood out as the most memorable player on the team. Most of my 49ers memories were of Montana, Young, and Rice.

I've also never seen the 49ers live and I think it's nearly impossible to see most of what any DB is doing on tv unless they show a different angle on a replay. The first game I saw Troy live at Heinz was when I realized how special he is. I think seeing some players in person is the only way to appreciate how good a player someone is. If I had seen Lott live, maybe I'd have more of an appreciation, but I haven't.

Troy may not have Lott like stats, but I've never seen any player have Troy's type of impact on a game. The only thing we really have to judge most DBs is their highlights and stats because the broadcast focuses on the ball and unfortunately most of what a DB does isn't know by watching a game on tv.