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I just hope some of these guys step up this year. In my opinion, we have a ton of solid d-line depth but I question the starters more than anything.

The NT position is up for grabs.... Fangupo, Ta'amu, Al Woods, McClendon.

Keisel has one DE spot locked down. Ziggy Hood, Heyward, Al Woods, McClendon are all possibilities at DE.

I really like the depth but a couple of these guys need to separate themselves and become legit starters. It's time to step up.
Wouldn't it be kinda funny if we ended up with Woods, Fangupo, and Wiliams as eventual starters given the high draft picks we've spent on the line? I'm excited to see how this pans out. I'm still not sure looking back that drafting 3-4 DEs with our #1 pick in back to back years was smart? Maybe it will work out - who knows? But it still seems to be a big did it make sense question.