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Thread: Steelers receivers believe they’re still potent, even without Wallace

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    Hence the reason why the Steelers only occasionally re-up on a rookie WR contract. Took them a while on E Sanders, and I personally wonder if they chose to match merely to screw NE in a defensive move, rather than because he represented exceptional talent.

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    We won't miss Wallace bacuse our OL is going to dictate that Ben gets rid of the ball quick. Wallace would never have time to run clear of coverage deep to even get open before Ben is going to have to throw the ball. And we know that Wallace wouldn't want to fight for a ball on a crossing route in coverage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flippy View Post
    Remember Elway's, Marino's, Favre's, Rodgers', Brees', etc WRs? (Well I do but that's beside the point) WRs are a dime a dozen and a great QB can make a WR. But if I can have Megatron, I'd take him
    When did Brady ever have a dominat WR other than one season with Moss. The ability to run after the catch is the key. We will be fine because it is better for Ben to dump the ball quick anyway.

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    mark it down - Spaeth to the Pro Bowl!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keyplay1 View Post
    Only thing bothering me is that the new WR Wheaton has to miss these OTA's since his school is still going on. That did not help DeCastro or Adams.
    The single positive thing about moving the draft into May is that should not be much of an issue moving forward as it has been in the past (because if the OTA's are in June, everyone should be available).


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