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although there are exceptions such as Hines Ward and Jerry Rice, I do agree with your basic premise that the best WRs are basically selfish individuals who demand the football and are not natural leaders.
I think the bad apples get all the press and we stereotype the rest. Guys like Larry F and Megatron are some of the highest paid players in the game. I'm sure their team views them as leaders or they wouldn't have given them those outrageous contracts.

I'm also of the mindset that WRs are a dime a dozen for the most part. And you need a good QB to get you the ball.

There's probably more good character WRs than bad apples across the board. All NFLers have to work hard mentally and physically. The sport is demanding. Some of the prima donnas are sometimes the ones that are so naturally gifted that they don't have to work hard to be successful.

I never heard Reggie Wayne complain about a rookie QB. He worked hard to help make him better. He was one of the few vets on the Colts offense. He could have easily pouted and been a discontent because he's at the end of his career and has essentially no chance at winning a ring without Peyton, but he was nothing but supportive of Luck.

Andre Johnson and Roddy White are other guys that come readily to mind that are good character guys that you could consider leaders because they work hard and play hard for the betterment of their team.

Even going back in history, guys like Swanny and Stallworth knew their blocking downfield could spring big plays. Steelers WRs have always had a culture of blocking. And they did what they had to do to make their teams better.

Even some guys with off the field issues like Plax and Brandon Marshall are dedicated to team success. Heck, I was even reading today where Plax was saying he's gonna do everything possible to help make AB one of the best WRs in the game.

The good guys don't get attention. The guys with off field issues get wrongly lumped in with the prima donnas. And all the sports writers cover are the ego maniacs.

I think there's a lot of WRs that are great leaders who work hard and set an example.