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When did Ben ever show up to work and whine? It seems to me that he's always saluted like a good soldier whether he liked what was going on or not.
Ben seems passive aggressive at times. His words and actions don't always line up. I think that's why he bugs some people. I think he tries but he comes off insincere sometimes. As an example, he'll give credit to his OLine at times where they deserve none. So you know he's always trying to say the right thing when it's not necessarily true.

So you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. It's fine. 99% of people are conditioned to not really say what's on their mind.

But on the field, you just have to look at his play to see he's not complaining. He's probably the toughest player in the league. He's a grinder. No one would work that hard on the field to be successful if he had major issues with the coaching, offense, etc.