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No less misguided than the idea that "AR II" = "Jerry Jones"...

Actually, I said he was Jerry Jones lite. Regardless, the guy needs to take a step back.

Dan never tried to influence how the team should play. He was always very hands-off. Only got involved when it was absolutely necessary (drafting Ben, for example). I also don't recall him speaking to the media as often as Art does. Now that Dan is back I have to wonder if that's had some influence on his son, hence why suddenly Ben has more say in this offense.

It's shortsighted by Ben if he doesn't give a new offense the chance to succeed. Yes, he had success under another offense but that was with different players. Ben knows by now that an offense must evolve with the players it has. I still believe the Steelers offensive woes will fade as the running game returns to something close to average or above. This relieves Ben of having to shoulder the entire load. Do you realize Ray Rice accounted for something like 30% of the Ravens offense? Think about what that could do for Ben.
Then Ben should have been given input from the start instead of having the playbook rammed down his throat. No other team treats their QB like that.