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Thread: Roethlisberger likes the revamped offense

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    I've never had a problem calling Ben out...

    but after 10 years and 3 SB appearances one has to wonder why people are angry over Ben being butt hurt over losing his OC. It's not like we lost Arians in traditional fashion. We pretty much hugged the guy, asked Ben to take a photo with him and then stabbed him in the back once Ben left the room.

    Not sure why Ben is being called out for feeling some type of way after losing a guy he had a ton of success with.. it wasn't always pretty but it sure seemed to work more times than not.

    I think Ben has been very professional given the way the FO has operated the last few years.
    First, BA was NOT the OC for his first SB. Yes, Ben has gone to several SBs, true but "what have you done for me lately BA?
    Ben was digreesing, Dizz.

    I submit that the best "offense" by far under BA was his first season as OC.
    We had NO speedster like Wallace and Ben threw 32 TDs.

    Bens best with Wallace before was 26 TDs when he missed just ONE GAME.
    Ben did that last year while absent THREE games.

    We have more talent at receiver yet Ben numbers were worse.
    Since the SB LOSS Ben threw 17 Tds in 2010 and 21 in 2011.

    He threw 26 last year while MISSING THREE GAMES and suffering the most drops in his career.

    Forcing the ball deep too much created more sacks, stalled drives, and ironically results in FEWER TDs.

    Bens highes TD percent seasons are:

    2005- Before Arians as OC and Wallace
    2004- Before Arians as OC and Wallace
    2007- With Arians before he became obsessed with bombs to Wallace because Wallace was not on the team
    2013- No Arians and Wallace de-emphasized

    Fact Arians plus Wallace averages about 20 TDs a season for Ben.
    He had 26 last year

    Yes, Ben missed several games in 2010 when he had 17 TDs true.
    But in 2013 under Haley he DID THAT (17 TDs) in only 8 games.

    The whole we dont throw deep to Wallace enough with Haley hurts our offense, simply holds no merit whatsoever.
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