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The question is. Who is getting better at this draft stuff. The posters or TS. or better yet, Are TS finally catching up to the posters.
Given that most of us do a bunch of mocks, we're bound to be right on some guy somewhere. If Colbert posted mock drafts like we do and discussed with us what he thought about different players, he'd look like a genius and make us all look like dummies.

Plus for me personally, I usually just watch highlights of as many players as I can, but the real pros watch every play of these college guys. Sometimes I'll see a team multiple times and a certain guy will stand out. But how the heck do you compare them to other guys playing in a zillion other games?

Plus we benefit from the guys connected to the pros that find out who teams like and that helps us zero in on who to consider. So it's like the NFL gives us a bit of a boost telling us which players to go look at and decide from. It's not like any of us know about this athletic freak from Samford College.