Does anyone actually watch this Top 100 Players show? I'm as big an NFL fan as anyone I know, but when this comes on, I immediately change the channel. It was an okay gimmick the first time they did it, but now it's just stupid. It's odd to compare the relative worth of a quarterback vs. a cornerback or an offensive tackle vs. a defensive tackle, but these morons actually seems to royally screw up when comparing within the same position even. A friend told me that Jacoby Jones was ranked higher than Percy Harvin. Seriously? If there is one single person on the planet other than Jacoby Jones' own mother who thinks he is a better football player than Percy Harvin, then I simply don't know what to say. I think the network execs might meddle with the list a bit to generate controversy (and therefore interest), but in my view, it just seems to undermine whatever value such an exercise may have had in the first place (which is very little).