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I always thought Tomlin had the pull due to his statement that Worilds was his pick. Does he only put his foot down for certain guys? Does he have final say on every pick?
I would not think that Tomlin has the power to "put his foot down". Could he have championed the Worilds pick? Sure. Did he have the authority to say "I don't care what you guys say, we are picking Worilds"? I doubt it very much. He has a voice, but it is far from the loudest in the room, and I would think that he is far from being able to put his foot down.

Consider the first round in 2004. Cowher was already an icon in Pittsburgh, was the de facto GM without the title (after ousting Donahoe), yet, as the story goes, he was not able to "put his foot down" in order to draft Stacey Andrews. Instead, A man named Rooney reached over his head and drafted Ben. If Cowher did not have that ability in 2004, I can't see Tomlin having it in 2009, nor Marrone having it in 2013.