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Thread: Ike and Foote call out Sapp

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    Ike and Foote call out Sapp

    And why he hates the Steelers.

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    That's one great interview, if it were only for the fact that Ike did not drop his I-Phone the whole of about 8 minutes.

    Seriously, Ike is one tough hombre. I enjoyed to whole thing, especially that they slammed Sapp into his own trash.

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    Yea I enjoyed it to.

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    I had to quit watching NFL network because I can't stand that loud mouthed idiot SAPP. Way to go Peazy!

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    Nice one, SteelHere10, thanks!

    Couple of things:

    1) How many phones does Ike have/need??

    2) What exactly was he saying at around 4:45?

    3) Interesting perspective on concussions he gave right at the end, "... We all knew what we signed up for, we know the pros and cons, it's just political correctness now that we have to talk about concussions like we do ...".

    4) That was some real low-rent studio those guys were in. Looked like they borrowed a high-school delivery receiving office, put up some "wall paper", and went to town!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    My sig says all anyone needs to know about my feelings on Sapp. This story has been around for a while and if I'm not mistaken it's been discussed on this board as well. Sapp getting punked in his own crib...priceless!

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    Ike makes it sound like all our LBs have been a little crazy. Is that's what's missing with Timmy, Wood, etc? Seems they're a little tamer now.


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