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Thread: need your help!!! ticket related

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    need your help!!! ticket related

    thinkin about buyin tickets of of ebay,and need to know how the upper deck is lettered!!!thinkin about buyin tickets at 50 yard line in sec.HH ,Does it start at A,or does it start at AA....and would anyone know if these seats are under cover??? thanks anyone 4 your help,goin to 1st game since 2004 and cant remember much!!!

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    Starts with A to Z then goes to AA ... You can get seating maps online
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    A is not under cover. AA, I think is. Or at least its close. Want great seats? Look for them in the upper end zone esp/ sec 527, rows A thru G... Lower part of upper endzone. I'd take season tix there.

    Sorry- HH is under cover..getting far up to top of upper deck.
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