In the thread about when did you become a Steeler fan, I mentioned this date as the day I became a Steeler fan. This is of course the day of the Immaculate Reception. Captain Lemming pointed out it was also the day of the earthquake in Nicaragua. I never really thought about it or put the two together but in reality it is a great day as well as a bad day for Pittsburgh sports fans. On that day Pittsburgh sports fans saw the birth/beginning of what would become a dynasty (Steelers), yet it is also the day that would result in Pittsburgh sports fans losing an Icon/Legend (Roberto Clemente). Due to the earthquake that happened on that day in Nicaragua, Clemente would board a plane 8 days later to deliver emergency relief aid packages to that country. As we all know his plane crashed and he was killed.

I will admit I am not a Pirates fan (Reds fan), so I probably have overlooked it for that reason. I'm sure those here who are Pirates fans have made that connection since the time that these two things happened....maybe? Maybe not?

Interesting to hear what others have to say about this. I loved Clemente's game and even though not a Pirates fan I appreciated all that he was on and off the field.